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Very, Very Handsome Kids this week!

Well the weather appears to be a little more Christmas like, and with that we have our pre Christmas elves arriving....everyone is very joyful!
We have the lovely Miss Juno, so very handsome Turner, Monsieur Gerrard and Murphy, the beautiful Zoe, and our clowns Little Jack and Rex!
Should be a great week!

Watch for their pictures on the Gallery!
Posted on 07 Dec 2017 by Patti

Great Guest List

We are always happy to have the cousins; Juno & Ruby join us....they are just pure fun and energy! Our new guest Koda will be joining us this week while his parents get married in the sunny south, Huey, Cooper and Miss Zoe return for some fun as well!

Watch for their pictures on the gallery!
Posted on 27 Nov 2017 by Patti

The kids are checking in!

Well it looks a little more like winter this morning than fall!
This doesn't dampen our guests spirit one little bit....tails are wagging as they arrive; we have Giggs & Robyn, Drake, Miss Ruby, Poncho, our little lambs Briar and Cale and Miss Sadie!
It's going to be a great week!
Watch for their pictures on the Gallery & Have a great vacation!
Posted on 19 Nov 2017 by Patti

We have a Birthday.....

My sweet boy Jack turns 9 today....I seriously don't know where the time has gone! He was just 18 mths old when he became the official Kennel Master!
What a fabulous job he's done, so let's wish Jack a Happy Birthday!

His Bday present....Jack LOVES all versions of Chipmunks...thought best to get him the stuffed version....LOL!
Posted on 07 Nov 2017 by Patti

Great Guest List This Week!

We are awaiting the arrival of Quincy & Oscar, we have Miss Sasha who by the way doesn't know she's a dog (LOL!), the cousins Juno & Ruby, Miss Chablis, the fast and furious Mr Ozzie, and our firecracker; Miss Ruby!

Watch for their pictures on the Gallery & Enjoy your vacations!
Posted on 06 Nov 2017 by Patti

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