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The kids are checking in!

Another beautiful morning and we have some new guests arriving....all with very big smiles!
We have house sweetheart Miss Sassie, Miss Goldie Lucy, Mr Buckley, Ruby and her sidekick Myles, Miss Chablis, Handsome Hank, Miss Marley, Miss Lally, and a couple of new guests...Zauny and Kensie....Welcome!

Watch for their pictures on the Gallery!

Enjoy your vacations, the kids will!
Posted on 08 Aug 2019 by Patti

Wow....it's August already!

It's been a beautiful summer....great weather....great guests!
The kids are arriving with BIG smiles on their faces.....we have two Bailey M's....go figure, Huey, Mr Faber, Manny, Little Penny Golden, Mischevious Poncho, and a new guest....Luke!

Watch for their pictures on the Gallery!
Posted on 01 Aug 2019 by Patti

Great Couple of weeks ahead!

Our guest list is changing, and our new guests are arriving....the oh so sweet Teddy (my boy has a very severe sprain so unfortunately you won't get to enjoy his athleticism like previous summers) he will be staying really close to his Auntie & Uncle and the boys, his cousin Lucy will also be joining in on the fun along with Miss Zoe (her brother is getting married this weekend), we have baby Penny returning for a pj party and we have another little Penny who is absolutely sweet as could be...welcome back Penny!

Watch for their pictures on the Gallery

To the parents enjoy your vacations!
Posted on 22 Jul 2019 by Patti

Everyone's on Summer Vacation!

The kids are just bouncing to arrive for their summer vacation at camp....Miss Quinn is joining in on the fun, Ellee Mae, our little Nugget all the way from Elliot Lake, Big Blue, Miss Lucy, our newest guest Miss Kitty and the 3 Amigos...absolutely charming gang....Manny, Laila & Jacey!
A tonne of fun!

Watch for their pictures on the Gallery!

Enjoy your vacations!
Posted on 11 Jul 2019 by Patti

Summer Vacation Begins for Many....Our Guests are Happy Campers!

We have great kids arriving for their summer vacations...we have Charlie Brown, Miss Juno, Nahanni, Samson, Poncho to just name a few!

Good Times!

Watch for their pictures on the Gallery!

Posted on 02 Jul 2019 by Patti

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