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The Weather is Great, and our Guest List is Perfect!

Oh we have many of our first time clients joining us this month and that just warms the cockles of my heart!
Just to name a few, we have Nimkee & Kirby, Oscar, Miss Juno and Miss Biscuit, Little Lady Zoe and Calla & Finn!

Watch for their pictures on the Gallery!

Enjoy your vacations!
Posted on 09 Oct 2018 by Patti

Fall Has Arrived and so are our Thanksgiving Guests!

We have just returned from our Fall Holiday and our guests are checking in! WE have a great week ahead and it looks like summer will return on the weekend...yay, but no pool!
Just to name a few, we have Nahanni, Ozzie, Teddy, Clint Ellee, Roxy and her cousin Kohl and Miss Lucy!

Watch for their pictures on the Gallery!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone & Safe Travels!
Posted on 02 Oct 2018 by Patti

Late Summer VAcations, the kids are checking in!

The kids are checking in, and it's going to be a pool party kind of weekend!
Miss Ellee May and Bandit will be joining us for the week, and our weekend guests will be Drake, Buckley, Huey and Hank....the I haven't told my boys yet, but Lexi & Libby are joining us....this weekend will be action packed!

Watch for their pictures on the Gallery!
Posted on 14 Sep 2018 by Patti

Great Gals checking in for their end of summer vacation!

Sassie girl has arrived....all smiles, and Miss Elke is arriving this week as well!
The girls have vacationed together many times....we are looking forward to their visit!

Watch for their pictures on the Gallery!
Posted on 06 Sep 2018 by Patti

Great Kids Joining us for Labour Day....I don't even like the sound of that stat holiday!

Today felt a little like fall...well I guess mother nature is getting us prepared...and that's ok, the heat is back on the weekend!
Cale & Briar have arrived (we love these little lambs), we have happy Teddy, Nahanni, Miss Zoe is returning for the weekend....ha, ha, ha.....and the "girls" are coming.....I haven't told my boys yet....it's going to be a Golden party!

Watch for their pictures on the gallery!

Happy Labour Day!
Posted on 30 Aug 2018 by Patti

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