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We are upon the American Thanksgiving....and the kids are checking in!

This week's weather has been a real treat to say the least!

Looking at our guest list and a chuckle and a smile comes to my face....Jack aka Mr Wilson is joining us....again a longtime vacationer with us....thinking about 8 or so years...so many stories with this boy, we also have Miss Biscuit joining us, my boys girlfriends...Sexy Lexi and Libby Beans, and some new Goldie Clients....

Boomer is joining us for his 1st pj party, and we have two very lovely Goldie Girls...Misty and Rumour....Welcome!

Watch for their pictures on the gallery!
Enjoy your vacations!
Posted on 27 Nov 2019 by Patti

I think the early arrival of snow has prompted some southern travellers LOL!

What a beautiful weekend....we have a new family of three joining us for their 1st vacation; Welcome Lucy, Bingley and Sally and also joining us later this week is Lincoln and Princess...Welcome ! We have so sweet Miss Luna, the very handsome Koda, the twins; Sammi & Bailey and my oh so sweet duo Ollie & his sidekick Charlie!

It's going to be a great week! Enjoy your vacations!
Don't forget to take a peak at the Gallery!
Posted on 17 Nov 2019 by Patti

Winter is Here....The kids are loving it!

The snow has arrived and so have the kids....I think our people don't like the snow....everyone's heading south!

We have Miss Ruby aka Firecracker, Sweet Sassie girl, Miss Ruby, handsome Jac C, the oh so sweet Ollie and his sidekick Charlie and our sensitive boy Hank!

Watch for their pictures on the Gallery!
Posted on 12 Nov 2019 by Patti

Wow, it's November 1st and we've had a little dusting of snow....It's coming....but the Kids were quite happy about it!

Lovely weekend ahead....despite the change in weather...Little Roxy is back, and Doodle Fest is on...we have Tucker, Cooper and our new guest Charlie! All are enjoying good Doodle fun! We also have Snoop Dog Bailey joining us for a pj party tomorrow!

See the Gallery for the kids fun!

Have a great weekend!
Posted on 01 Nov 2019 by Patti
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