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Our guest list just keeps getting better!

Miss Luna was thrilled to see her friends, and Murph Man has returned from spending the winter in Turks & Caicos....we missed him, such a lucky boy....he's joining us for the week and we are thrilled to have him, Samson is returning for his spring break, and we have a new guest....Taz....Welcome!

watch for their pictures on the gallery!
Posted on 16 Mar 2019 by Patti

It's March Break Silliness!

Everyone has something to smile about this week...not even this spring storm can take away the skip in everyone's step....Our people are travelling, and the 4 legged kids are thrilled to vacationing with us!
Our boy's girlfriends are coming; Sexy Lexi & Libby Beans, Manny is returning with his BFF Cooper, the oh so athletic Duke has arrived, Miss Roxy, the Goldie babies Archie & Sadie, Miss Biscuit and thrilled to have Watson & Chloe return!
I can't think of a nicer guest list to welcome spring!

Enjoy your well deserved vacations, and enjoy the gallery! smile
Posted on 10 Mar 2019 by Patti

Kids are digg'n their March Break Plans!

Wow, tomorrow is March 1st....so many things to celebrate this month..."the hope" for an early spring, St Patti's Day, a VERY Golden month, and guests that really want to party!
The charming little guy Rex has arrived, there will be two groups of girls coming....1st Emma & Sophie, and then the boys girlfriends arrive Sexy Lexi and Baby Libby, and we also welcome a new Goldie guest...Miss Malibu and she is a beauty!

Watch for the kids pictures on the Gallery...it will be a rock'n good time! tongue
Posted on 28 Feb 2019 by Patti

The Kids Are Checking In

The kids are very happy to join their friends for spring break! Ozzie and Marley have sooooo many friends, Manny could barely contain himself, he was so excited to be here, Huey's hanging out with us this weekend as is our little firecracker Miss Ruby, Mumford aka Mumi is joining us as well, he is going to be over the top to see Sassie and Bauer, and we have a new guest joining us for some Doodle fun, her name is Ziva! Welcome!

Watch for the kids pictures on the gallery

Enjoy your much deserved vacations and family time! smile
Posted on 22 Feb 2019 by Patti

It's snowing puppies this week! LOL!

As the snow falls, our people head south and our puppies arrive for some good winter fun!
As always a great guest list....we have little Gerrard and his sidekick Turner, the oh so cute dynamic duo Pademay & JoJo, our very exuberant Thunder, Teddy Bear, and the one and only Bow Wow Bauer...wait till he sets his eyes on Miss Sassie! LOL!

Enjoy your well deserved vacations in the sunny south!

Check in on the kids on the Gallery!
Posted on 11 Feb 2019 by Patti

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