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Spring Break is upon us!

The Kids are arriving, and everyone is smiling!

March is a month where past acquaintances meet again and new friendships are created! We have a wonderful guest list this month and we will use this as our Spring Break blog for the month of March!

Our favorite saying..."One dog away from Crazy"!

Enjoy your vacations, and see your kids on the Gallery! smile
Posted on 06 Mar 2018 by Patti

Everyone's Smiling!

Our Spring Break Continues will loads of fun guests!
We have the very pretty Luna, handsome Faber, Ruby our little Firecracker, Smiling Murphy, and Monsieur Gerrard! Oh yes, and our boys girlfriends are coming.....Good Times!

Enjoy your southern vacations and watch for their pictures on the Gallery!
Posted on 23 Feb 2018 by Patti

Cute kids this week!

Now this guest list knows how to party....oh my!

Bow wow Wow!

Watch for their pictures on the Gallery!
Posted on 12 Feb 2018 by Patti

The kids are checking in!

A Winter Wonderland certainly brings many guests....our folks are thrilled to be visiting the sunny south, but our 4 legged guests are just as happy....our snow mountain has returned this winter, and the kids are having a blast....it's getting taller and taller!
We have two new guests this week, and we welcome Cooper; a 1 yr old Labradoodle and Miss Luna;a 1 yr old Golden Doodle! We also have a house sweetheart, Teddy, Robyn & Giggs, Nahanni and the oh so sweet Enya!
The most exciting of all Tucker is joining us for a few days while his Mama has a 2 legged baby....how exciting will that be!

Watch for their pictures on the Gallery!
Posted on 08 Feb 2018 by Patti

Look Who's joining us this week....Looking Like Doodlefest!

Yes we have the oh so handsome Dexter, our charming Mumford and quirky Cooper...all are Doodles of various sizes and colors....A handsome crowd indeed!
They will add a whole lot of fun to our guest list!

Watch for their pictures on the Gallery & Enjoy your time in the sunny south!
Posted on 31 Jan 2018 by Patti

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