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THe kids just keep on coming! Great Summer Week!

Everyone has a skip in their step...ok maybe two this week!!
We have a great guest list....Rex, Sadie, our Firecracker Ruby, Nahanni, Cooper, and our new guests Hershey & Murphy, and of course a few weekend guests!

Enjoy your holidays and watch for the kids pictures on the Gallery!
Posted on 09 Jul 2018 by Patti

We're in full summer swing....Our guests are arriving with BIG smiles!

It's cute when our clients tell us they need to wear ear protection when coming up our driveway....our guests are over the moon excited to see us and their friends!

Tori & Scarlett and Poncho have arrived for their long summer vacations and we have many kids for some weekend fun as well!

Watch for their pictures on the Gallery!

Enjoy your lovely vacation, you all deserve it!
Posted on 07 Jul 2018 by Patti

Sassie Girl is Here!

The lovely Sassie girl is here for her summer vacation...she is always happy to arrive and see her friends....especially Duke, and of course Rusty...she likes the tall boys!
She is also quite pleased with the weather, Jack & Sassie are best of friends in the pool!

Enjoy your European Vacation

Watch for Sassie's pictures on the Gallery....she's the one in the pool!
Posted on 04 Jul 2018 by Patti

It's The Canada Day Long Weekend!

The kids are checking in and everyone is smiling!
It is perfect pool weather, it's what we've all been waiting for!
We have many new guests this weekend, and they are making friends with ease and have a skip in their step!

Watch for their pictures on the Gallery

Happy Canada Day 151th
Posted on 30 Jun 2018 by Patti

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