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Not even the weather can dampen these kids spirits!
We have lovely guests joining us this week....The girls are here, Miss Holly has arrived, our new guest Jax has arrived....Welcome Jax, and we have our comedians: Mowgli & Chloe, and little Cooper!

I have no doubt they will have a ball rain or shine...I would prefer a little more shine....LOL!

Watch for their pictures on the Gallery!
Posted on 13 Apr 2018 by Patti
by Patti @ 14 Apr 2018 10:26 am
Our new guest Jax is doing great, he has made many friends, has a great appetite and sleeps very well....AND he has a girlfriend...the lovely Miss Holly! They are enjoying good games of chase and just hanging out together! Little Cooper is everywhere, he was very happy to see his buddy Lincoln and is having a good time! Mowgli & Chloe are great, they follow each other, and just enjoy chill time smile
by Storm Chaser! @ 16 Apr 2018 07:37 am
To all our Sun Seekers....Well done! You have missed a big weather event here, and unfortunately it's not over....aaaah! Snow, ice, and now a big melt and wind...our poor trees!
The kids are being very good sports about the weather...thank god for romper room! smile
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