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It's snowing puppies this week! LOL!
As the snow falls, our people head south and our puppies arrive for some good winter fun!
As always a great guest list....we have little Gerrard and his sidekick Turner, the oh so cute dynamic duo Pademay & JoJo, our very exuberant Thunder, Teddy Bear, and the one and only Bow Wow Bauer...wait till he sets his eyes on Miss Sassie! LOL!

Enjoy your well deserved vacations in the sunny south!

Check in on the kids on the Gallery!
Posted on 11 Feb 2019 by Patti
by Patti @ 12 Feb 2019 07:55 am
Sounds like it's the calm b4 the storm....I suspect our snow mountain is going to grow this week! I have mixed feelings about that! wink sad
by Patti @ 13 Feb 2019 08:57 am
Kids are perfect winkdespite the nasty weather! Seems a little warmer this morning...I think it's a balmy -2 wink wassat
by Happy Valentine's Day! @ 14 Feb 2019 08:17 am
A Little quote for this day....
Your flaws are perfect for the heart that's meant to love you!
by Patti @ 16 Feb 2019 06:58 am
Gerrard is enjoying special time with his Auntie, Turner still enjoys a good game of hide and seek!
I have to say the best was Thunder's expression when Pademay and JoJo arrived, you see Pademay is a black Portie just like Thunder...need I say anymore! wink tongue
by Patti @ 18 Feb 2019 08:19 am
Hope everyone has arrived at their destination and enjoying the sun and fun! smile
Bauer is a very happy boy with his fellow vacationers...and I LOVE his "winter look"...OMG he's cute!

Thunder is liv'n life...he is having so much fun with his fellow Portie Pademay, Marley, Zoe, and BAuer!

We woke him up this morning tongue
by Patti @ 19 Feb 2019 07:56 am
Kids are great...LOTS of Teddy Bear hugs...I love that smile
Everyone is smiling smile
by Brenda @ 19 Feb 2019 02:02 pm
Hi Patti - life is great here... gotta love the beach life! Hello to Wow wow .. hope he’s using his inside bark sometimes xo❤️
by Patti @ 20 Feb 2019 03:21 pm
Hey you little beach bum...it's a pretty easy transition from real life isn't it! tongue
your handsome boy is great..he really digs Miss Marley and Thunder...playing like crazy....you know what, not much wow wow! Brenda I LOVE his shaggy look, OMG, I just grab his little face everytime and tell him how handsome he is..LOV'N THAT! He's quite a ham! smile
by Brenda @ 21 Feb 2019 06:12 pm
Love seeing our boy❤️ Eric keeps saying we should have brought him to the beach! Ahh NO
by Patti @ 23 Feb 2019 08:39 am
Are you kidding, Bauer would never want to miss DOODLEFEST!
OMG, they are everywhere! tongue

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